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Give your child an excellent start in life.

Nice Bite Orthodontics strives to give all members of your family a beautiful, healthy smile - even the little ones! Dr Sriram recommends that children have an orthodontic consultation by the age of seven to set their smile up for success.

What are the benefits of early consultation?

Taking your child to Dr Sriram at the age of seven or eight will allow her to identify whether your child has orthodontic issues such as crowding or an improper bite.

An early consultation enables us to identify problems early and plan accordingly, saving your child from more invasive orthodontic treatments in the future.


What are the benefits of early treatment?

In the early stages of development, a child’s bones adapt faster and more readily to treatment.

Our team can determine if your child’s mouth will contain enough room for all of their adult teeth in the future. If not, we can intervene to avoid more complex problems, such as removing teeth because of overcrowding.

While your child might not need treatment at this age, we can monitor their smile through regular check-ups and intervene when the time is right.

 What are the benefits of early treatment?

Invisalign® First.

One of the early treatment options we offer is Invisalign® First. This Invisalign® treatment option is designed specifically for children ages 7-11. The aligners will guide the growth of your child’s jaws and help make space for existing and incoming teeth.

Because Invisalign® aligners are smooth and comfortable, they are an easy introduction to orthodontic treatment. They are also removable, so they won’t affect your child’s regular oral hygiene routine or eating habits.

*Invisalign® aligners are a registered medical device, you should always read and follow the label and the instructions of your treating orthodontist.

 Invisalign® First.

Let's make your child's smile the best it can be.

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 Let's make your child's smile the best it can be.

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