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Sometimes things don’t quite go according to plan; this could mean that your aligners aren’t quite fitting the way you want them to, or a bracket on your brace has broken.

At Nice Bite Orthodontics, we’re here to help and offer solutions with our orthodontic help centre. It is important for us to educate our patients to recognise minor orthodontic problems and how to solve them at home until it is convenient to come in to see us.

Nice Bite Orthodontics - Help Centre.

My mouth is generally sore after having braces, what can I do?

One of the wires on my braces is poking my cheek

I think one of my brace brackets is loose or broken, what should I do?

How do I use orthodontic wax?

My aligners are scratching me

How do I turn my expander?

Need help with something else?

If you need assistance with an orthodontic problem and the solution isn’t above, contact our friendly team. We’ll be happy to help!

 Need help with something else?

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