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Early treatment 

Giving our children the best start in life 

At Nice Bite Orthodontics, we believe in the early diagnosis and treatment of orthodontic issues. Dr Sriram endorses the recommendation made by the Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) that children should have an orthodontic consultation by the age of seven. 

Why is early treatment important?

By bringing your child in for an orthodontic consultation at the age of seven or eight, Dr Sriram will be able to identify whether or not your child may suffer from orthodontic issue such as crowding or an improperly aligned bite. 

At this age, a child’s bones are still growing and developing, so they respond well to treatment. That's not to say they will need treatment, and if they do, it may be that treatment can commence at a later stage. This early consultation helps you - and us - to identify problems early and plan accordingly. 

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Benefits of early treatment

  • We can determine now if there will be enough room in your child’s mouth in the future for all their adult teeth.
  • We can take action now to prevent more complicated issues from developing, including the need for tooth extraction due to overcrowding.
  • We can correct improper bites for better health and appearance
  • We can detect if your child suffers from a malocclusion (misaligned bite). A properly aligned bite is extremely important for dental health, easy cleaning, comfortable and effective chewing, and an attractive appearance. 

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To give your child the best start in life, it's important to establish an effective oral hygiene routine and to book him or her in for an early consultation with us here at Nice Bite Orthodontics.

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